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Since we can present our customers year after year many new products made of solid pine wood for the house and the garden, we are in the industry an accepted and reliable partner. Our PROMADINO-products are for garden decoration ideas for home and garden. With our own production we can react flexibly to market demand and thereby provide our customers with significant added value. We focus on sustainability and guarantee all our PROMADINO-products, the FSC – Seal. Herr Schmatz About us The Plant grille “cottage” and a single leaflet, the success story began with the founding of Promex in 1989. For over 25 years, combines the trade and customers with a high degree of Promex quality, reliability and flexibility. With great commitment and passion to the company could survive in the market for many years and has established itself as a market leader in quality products from pine wood. As a producer for the trade, we support our partners in a successful retail business with shipping and returns service and constant availability of items. From our location in Lübeck, we ship our own manufactured products directly to the customer. With our partners, we maintain an open and trusting relationship, which has formed the basis for long-term cooperation.